Telefunken Siemens 2x V76 & 2x V72 Tube Mic Preamps Racked and RestoredTelefunken Siemens 2x V76 & 2x V72 Tube Mic Preamps Racked and Restored

For sale is my vintage Telefunken Siemens dream rack. It includes two V76/80 preamps and two V72 preamps in an original vintage rack. All four preamps have been recently recapped and are in excellent functioning condition. The pair of V76’s match well as do the pair of V72’s. The vintage rack is wired on the rear for up to 6 V72 size modules to fit with individual power switches for each channel. As racked you use channels 1,3,5 and 6 for the inputs/outputs. The V72’s have pots wired into them that allow for gain boost up to over 50dB. All the way down is stock 34 dB gain. The rack includes a 220V step up box that allows you to plug into 110V power. Front lamps are out on one V76 and one V72. This has been an amazing set of preamps that have served me well. They have lived together in this rack and been regularly serviced as a group for a long time. For packing, the V76’s will be removed and bubble wrapped individually. The whole thing is insanely heavy and will be carefully packed and insured via FedEx.