Traynor YGL-3 Mark III 3 Tube Guitar Combo Amplifier 1975Traynor YGL-3 Mark III 3 Tube Guitar Combo Amplifier 1975

Sometimes referred to in the industry as the Fender Twin Reverb killer.This is a particularly nice example of this model and was recently gone through by a vintage audio technician. Everything about this amp is original except where noted below. All functions, switches, jacks and controls are noise free and everything works as it should, this is 100% plug and play condition. All the tubes are “made in Great Britain” Mullard factory pieces (most likely the originals) and test very strong on a recently calibrated B&K 747 tester. A lot of money here just in tubes alone. The speakers are brand new (not even broken in yet) Eminence Governor’s (retail $150 each). The reverb tank is brand new and is a direct replacement per the original specs (original tank included if wanted). The tolex is very nice with no rips or tears but could do with the usual clean and spit shine.