Traynor YGL-3 Mark III Tube Guitar Amplifier 1976 One OwnerTraynor YGL-3 Mark III Tube Guitar Amplifier 1976 One Owner

Traynor YGL-3 Mark III 3 Tube Guitar Amplifier 1976 One Owner. This amp is a one owner tone monster. Bought in 1976. (serial # confirms it was manufactured in mid 1976) Amp has been toured professionally and used in multiple recording sessions. It has also been professionally maintained. Some of the industries best amp techs have kept this amp in tip top shape. It has never failed me. The Traynor is built like a tank. New caps, grounded AC cord. The outputs have about 10 hours on them and are 2 matched pair. Included is a spare set of 4 matched EL34s. For many years, this amp had factory support. Factory speakers were long ago replaced. I tried several pairs of speakers but I have been the happiest with the pair of Eminence Legends currently installed. I have played though Vox, Fender, Marshall, Orange among others but I have always fallen back on this amp. It is rated at 80 watts (I have seen them advertised as 100 watt amps but Traynor will confirm they were all 80 watts.) This amp has held its own on stage in front of 60,000 Jazz Fest concert goers. Included is the pictured ATA case. This amp has been housed in this case for transport or not being use for the last 25 years. It is in very good structural condition. It was re-foamed last year. I am medically limited and no longer play any gigs that this amp can shine at. It breaks my heart to let it go but I would rather see it continue being used to its potential than to sit unused in my music room. It is time to pass it on. It needs a new, caring home. It not only fills a stage with monster tone, it does a fine job at small venues and has a great clean channel that I have played acoustic guitar though. Because of its size and weight, it is available for Local pickup or the buyer arranges shipping. I am willing to help with arrangements. Please contact me with any questions or concerns. UPDATE: I have reduced the price. I would rather it sell to someone who appreciates this incredible amp and can put it back on stage where it need to be! These amps put Twin Reverbs, that are selling at twice + the price, to shame in both power/volume and tone. I sold a Fender Twin Reverb in 1976 to buy this amp after renting a Traynor YGL-3 for a 4 show run that my Twin wasn’t available for. After the 2nd gig, the Traynor was a hands down winner in tone.