Vintage 1940's Astatic E6G detachable desk stand D104 77A 101A Atlas Turner # 1Vintage 1940's Astatic E6G detachable desk stand D104 77A 101A Atlas Turner # 1

Hello and welcome to The house of Chrome. You are looking at a unique older detachable desk stand that was made by Astatic around the late 1940’s to 1950’s used for holding any American screw on microphone and later mic clips that you see today. The stand is an Astatic E6G model with a painted wood handle and aluminum painted base. The handle is the detachable type that twists off the base with a half turn. This allowed the user to quickly release the mic so as to be a handheld unit preventing a musician or broadcaster from having to twist the mic a dozen times around just to take the mic off. You’ll see in pic # 2 an old Astatic JT-30 from the 1940’s sitting on this very model desk stand. Microphones were rarely held in the hand back in the day like they are today so the handle on the bottom of the mic was the next best option and was more professional. You’ll see in pic # 7 how the handle comes off. The stand is lite weight and in excellent condition. The wide base provides a very stable platform for just about any mic due to it’s low center of gravity and wide base. It should be noted that this stand has been reconditioned with new silver paint on both the handle and base so it should hold up very nicely for many years to come. These colors are almost identical the original colors scheme used. These stands in original condition are usually very rough with a lot of physical wear. I’d rate the cosmetic condition of this stand a true 9 on a scale of 1 – 10. It has the 3 original pads on the bottom. The stand is appx 6 inches tall X 5 inches wide. To get a good threading with the handle on your mic you’ll want to take the handle off the base and push with a little force into the bottom of your mic as you turn and thread the handle into the mic so it grabs securely and threads evenly into place. Once it’s in there will be more than enough tension to stay put. Just make sure you line the handle up straight as you twist it into the mic. MICROPHONES SHOWN ARE NOT PART OF THIS SALE…FOR DISPLAY PURPOSES ONLY. And as with all my items… I can promise you will be happy with it for the price paid. If not…I have a no hassle return policy. The shipping will be on you as I believe that’s fair but the purchase price would be refunded. Simply return in the same nice condition…period. Check my rating. INTERNATIONAL BUYERS are welcome as well. Buyer must pay within 24 hours or an unpaid case will be opened due to too many unpaid mics lately. Domestic buyer will get priority shipping. If you have any questions feel free to ask and…thanks for looking.