Vintage 1940's Turner 33D dynamic microphone old antique midcentury w standVintage 1940's Turner 33D dynamic microphone old antique midcentury w stand

Hello and welcome to The house of Chrome. You are looking at one of the most famous and collectible Turner mics of all time. The Turner 33D with heavy deco influence and outrageous style that set it apart from every other microphone ever designed. This mic comes with a period and somewhat rare Masco cast iron desk stand. You’ll see in pic # 2 an old Turner advertisement showing specs and priced on these 40’s era mics. The 33 series was first introduced in the 1940’s and had a run of 20 years. The first generation 33 mics had a rounded lower pistol grip while the 2nd generation had the flat rectangular lower pistol grip. other wise the microphone looked the same. The 33 series also came with either a crystal or dynamic element. The crystal elements were inferior and wore out over time while the dynamic elements sounded much better and tended to last over the decades. This is the dynamic version. This 33D has been tested and sadly, like most mics from this era it no longer works though the original element is still inside. There is plenty of room inside to upgrade with a new dynamic element if one chooses to do so. It’s 100% complete inside including the wiring. This should be used for prop or repair only until fixed. As you can see the satin chrome finish has a beautiful luster with a few lite scratches and scuffs on the satin chrome finish. The black cloth screen is perfect and the joint mechanism is flawless offering plenty of resistance to get the right angle needed and the threads for both the cable and stand are perfect. Overall this is cosmetically a 7 + on a scale of 1 – 10 and very worthy of any vintage mic collection. The best part is the matching period Masco desk stand that’s included which is equally nice and even rarer than the mic itself. Masco was one of several American manufacturers at that time (Emco, Bud Radio, Shure, Turner, etc…) making desk and floor stands. When Atlas Corp became a company in the late 1940’s they actually made this exact design for the first couple years but the Atlas stands were stamped with there name as where the earlier Masco and Emco designs were not. Anyways, this stand has original black paint that is about as nice as they come. Just the smallest wear on top of the base. The bottom shows no rust at all and even has the original 3 felt pads that are in excellent condition. The 6 inch riser / stem was made of brass and covered in chrome. As you can see the chrome has worn away quite a bit exposing that beautiful brass beneath. A very nice patina and adds a lot of character to the mic. American companies didn’t start making steel tubes the norm until the late 40’s and 50’s. The cast iron base is thick and heavy. Makes a great platform for keeping this mic upright where it belongs. Total height is 14 inches X 6 inches wide. The look of this Turner 33D would still look cool anywhere it sits in the home, office or studio. An instant conversation piece. And as with all my items… I can promise you will be happy with it for the price paid. If not…I have a no hassle return policy. The shipping will be on you as I believe that’s fair but the purchase price would be refunded. Simply return in the same nice condition…period. Check my rating. INTERNATIONAL BUYERS are welcome as well. Buyer must pay within 24 hours or an unpaid case will be opened due to too many unpaid mics lately. Domestic buyer will get priority shipping. If you have any questions feel free to ask and…thanks for looking.