Vintage 1950's Shure Brothers S-36 Microphone Desk Stand-Base - NICE!Vintage 1950's Shure Brothers S-36 Microphone Desk Stand-Base - NICE!

Offering a gorgeous vintage 1950’s SHURE BROTHERS S-36 Microphone Desk Stand/Base. These are often referred to as “The Turtle Stand” due to it’s obvious design, and will mount almost any microphone. It has the 2-hole configuration that will interface to many mics stand thread and connector. It also comes with the extra insert that will cover the larger hole and still allow the mic cord to feed through the bottom of the stand…also includes the threaded brass piece to lock down the mic to the base. Overall, this stand is near perfect, no stretches, dents or patina in it’s slate gray finish. The original Shure logo is still there. All 5 original rubber feet are intact, as well as the cable clip to hold the cable in place as it exits the base. ** CHECK OUT MY MANY VINTAGE MICS FOR SALE, INVENTORY REGULARLY UPDATED **** Check out my EBAY profile. I have worked in major market broadcast radio over 45 years in the audio production field. My passion is collecting, refurbishing, buying and selling vintage American microphones primarily from the 1920’s through the 1960’s. If you are thinking of making a purchase, or just have an mic-related question, please feel free to ask. Already made a purchase and need some follow-up…I’m here to help resolve.