Offering a 1960’s IMPERIAL DM-17 “Pill” Dynamic Microphone. I’ve also seen this particular mic branded as a Philmore, Aiwa, Argonne, Kent and Calrad. It has a standard 5/8-inch thread and can be used with any stand, is hard-wired to a 2 foot cable with a 3 pin male XLR plug on the end, and has a cable strain relief located at the bottom of the yoke. While this model looks similar to many other “pill” shaped mics, most notably the classic RCA 77 on a smaller scale. This one has an improved pickup capsule inside and picks up audio from the top rather than the sides like most standard pill shaped ribbons. For a low-cost unit (even in the 60’s), the DM-17 is well made, with a cast aluminum body painted in gun-metal gray and a perforated aluminum grill. This one is in nice condition, one small scratch on the back side and some minor indent on the backside upper screen. The original dead dynamic pickup has been removed and replaced with a high-quality Shure pickup capsule now producing hot full range audio. The support yoke includes an adjustment knob on each side to keep the mic in a tilt position when the knobs are tightened. INCLUDES a nice the adjustable-height desk stand, overall height from 12″-16″. ** Always safe packaging and fast fair shipping. ** CHECK OUT MY MANY VINTAGE MICS FOR SALE, INVENTORY REGULARLY UPDATED **** Check my eBay profile. I have worked in major market broadcast radio over 45 years in the imaging/audio production field. My passion is collecting, refurbishing, buying and selling vintage American microphones primarily from the 1920’s through the 1960’s. If you are thinking of making a purchase, or just have a mic-related question, please feel free to ask. Already made a purchase and need follow-up…I’m here to help.