Vintage 1960's Lafayette PA-400 Dynamic microphone old Japanese w accessoriesVintage 1960's Lafayette PA-400 Dynamic microphone old Japanese w accessories

Hello and welcome to The House of Chrome. I should start by stating that this microphone has probably never been used as it came with a cable that had no connector and had never been soldered until I applied a new Switchcraft 1/4 inch connector. You are looking at a gorgeous 1960’s model Lafayette high quality Dual Z dynamic microphone with uber cool space age looks. Japanese mics of this era were real hit and miss in sound quality but this was certainly one of the best you could buy for the money and it sounds fantastic as it utilizes a dynamic cardioid element with uni-directional characteristics. Worthy of anything situation that deals with singing and broadcasting purposes. The uni-directional element picks up only what’s directly in front of the mic cancelling out all other noises around you. This model was sold under a few different Japanese manufactures including Monarch and Aiwa. This is a fairly large microphone that comes with it’s original box and short cable. This mic has been tested and has a strong clear signal set at Low Z and sounds incredible…the mic does come with an original 4 foot cable that is soft pliable and looks brand new. The mic has a beautiful satin chrome finish with zero wear and the black plastic accents are perfect as well. She’s a thing of beauty. The lower pistol grip looks just as nice and the label is completely legible. On / Off switch works perfectly as does the tension screw. Threads for the stand and cable are perfect. This PA-400 is as nice as they come and certainly one of the most unique looking microphones ever made. Original box still has the cardboard brace. Box looks worn but did a fine job of protecting this microphone over the years. Mic is easily a 10 on a scale of 1 – 10. This mic will only go up in value if properly taken care of. This microphone has a classic “space race” design that was very popular during the 1950’s and 60’s before the look faded out for a more practical “stick mic” look. This PA-400 will screw onto any American desk or floor stand. MICROPHONE STAND SHOWN IS NOT PART OF THIS SALE…FOR DISPLAY PURPOSES ONLY. As with all my vintage microphones… I can promise you will be happy with it for the price paid. If not…I have a no hassle return policy. The shipping will be on you as I believe that’s fair but the purchase price would be refunded. Simply return in the same nice condition…period. Check my rating. International buyers are welcome as well. Buyer must pay within 24 hours or an unpaid case will be opened due to too many unpaid mics lately. Domestic buyer will get priority shipping. If you have any questions feel free to ask and…thanks for looking.