Vintage 1960's Midland 22-211 Dynamic microphone Japanese Calrad old E.V 664 # 2Vintage 1960's Midland 22-211 Dynamic microphone Japanese Calrad old E.V 664 # 2

Hello and welcome to The House of Chrome. You are looking at a very nice Midland 22-211 microphone. This 1960’s era Japanese microphone has a dynamic element which works as good they get and the microphone itself resembles the classic American E.V 664 in size and shape though the E.V 664 is far superior in sound. The 22-211 had a basic dynamic element while the 664 had a cardioid dynamic element giving the 664 a richer, fuller sound. Not to say this mic doesn’t sound decent. It does. It has a strong smooth tone and set at Low impedance so this would make a great general purpose mic for any general broadcasting and even for singing. Often these older Japanese mics are very hit and miss but this one sounds brand spanking new and has a nice warm tone. As you can see in the pictures provided the satin chrome body is absolutely gorgeous being practically free of any flaws what so ever. The on / off switch works just as it should and the joint mechanism works perfectly as well. The threads for both the cable and stand are excellent. Even the Midland badge looks fantastic. The front grill is free of any tarnish or dents which is always a bonus. Also included is the original cable but as you can see I shortened it and installed a quality male XLR end connector for practical purposes. Those older Japanese cable tend to get stiff and hard to work with so the shorter cable can simply stay screwed onto the mic. Just easily attach and longer XLR cable when you’re ready to use the mic…Super easy. This mic will screw onto any desk or floor stand Hook her and use at any live event or simply display among your other fine vintage microphones. This mic is easily a 9 + on a scale of 1 – 10. I stand by it 100%. MICROPHONE STAND SHOWN IS NOT PART OF THIS SALE…FOR DISPLAY PURPOSES ONLY. As with all my vintage microphones… I can promise you will be happy with it for the price paid. If not…I have a no hassle return policy. The shipping will be on you as I believe that’s fair but the purchase price would be refunded. Simply return in the same nice condition…period. Check my rating. INTERNATIONAL BUYERS are welcome as well. Buyer must pay within 24 hours or an unpaid case will be opened and the item will be re-listed. Domestic and foreign buyer will get priority shipping. If you have any questions feel free to ask and…thanks for looking.