vintage American Electrical Laboratories Inc. FM Exciter model FM-15QE AEL USAvintage American Electrical Laboratories Inc. FM Exciter model FM-15QE AEL USA

This listing is for an American Electrical Laboratories Inc AEL model FM-15QE FM Exciter. This unit was hooked and working just two months ago when it was taken out of commission. Check over the photos they are of the actual unit you will receive. There is some light wear light scratches from age and use. This unit was pulled from a working environment. We power tested it and it powers on as it should. We did not do any further testing as we do not have the time or man power to do so. We have thousands of items to list and we do not have the resources to do all diagnostics on electrical equipment. This came out of our radio station clean-out and thus far customers have been more than happy. It is a used unit there is some wear some scratches etc. Photos are of the actual unit you will receive. We no longer accept international returns on electrical equipment. Way to many items are being powered up with the wrong voltage frying the mother boards so international returns are no longer accepted sorry. We still do 30 day domestic returns however the item must be returned in the same condition it was shipped to receive refund. We will include a power cord but no other accessories are included. We do not provide tech support and do not provide manuals however most of these items have manuals online you can fine. Please email with any questions or concerns thank you for looking. One of our clients, a large radio station here in the Chicagoland area recently had us do a clean-out of two of their studios that are being renovated. We have radio gear from the 1940’s to today. We are not radio experts but will do our best. Everything was still hooked up and working or was put into storage still working, as far as the techs knew, unless it was marked for parts, this one did not have any markings or notes on it, so we assume it was good when it was archived. Most of the items are being sold as is and untested, except for power testing when we can, as we ourselves either we do not have what it takes to test or the lack the knowledge to properly test the item. Many items will probably need to be calibrated to your particular purpose. Lots of items here, I will be listing in the upcoming weeks. Thank you We have now almost 4 complete studios, that include a PR&E or Harris console, cables, a couple of cart players, mixer, reel to reel player, turntable, and other accessories. Please email for details and photos we can sell a complete studio to you. Thank you We have thousands of broadcasting items that just came in. We have several Pacific PR&E consoles, Orban Optimod units, Harris, Symetrix, Shure, Motorola, Western Electric, Omnia, Jennings, Technics, Tektronix, and the list goes on and on. We will have a very large switchless combiner that was made by Electronic Research, it was never used and is in mint condition, numerous large silver mica capacitors, numerous Lapp nitrogen condensers, we have tape players, reel to reel Otari, SAS, McMartin, McCurdy, Eventide, Denon, cart players galore, etc., If was used in a radio station I bet we have it. Lots and lots of cool items we will be listing. I will be adding an inventory list online here as we go through it, thank you for looking, email for details. If there is a problem with your purchase please email us first so we can remedy the problem is a timely manner. This unit like all my electronics are set up for US 110 volt power. If you are using some other voltage and fry the unit any warranty we offer is null and void. Thank you TER 3737 2/20/2019