Vintage RARE 1940's Shure 730B microphone Billie Holiday w period Eastern stand Vintage RARE 1940's Shure 730B microphone Billie Holiday w period Eastern stand

Hello and welcome to The House of chrome. You are looking at a rare and highly collectible Shure Brothers 730B. An advanced cardioid crystal microphone made during the 1930’s and 40’s complete with an early period Eastern desk stand. This unique microphone has one of the most outrageous and creative designs ever made from the the Shure Brothers microphone company. The front grill of this microphone emulated the aeronautics industries use of 4 prop engines in it’s day and this was a mic that was commonly used by Billie Holiday when she sang live or for recording. The 730 never changed it’s design but you can tell the early 30’s model as they did not come with a Shure insignia in the center of the grill. The later 40’s models didso this is certainly a 40’s era model. The all metal body with satin chrome plating and black screens have that classic deco inspired design that stands out from all the others. This mic has been tested and like so many early crystal microphones…this one was shot. The element is still present inside the housing. There’s plenty of room inside to work with and the original wiring still intact if you want to put a new element inside and this would make a great candidate for a desk lamp. This mic is so pristine though that I would suggest not altering it as it’s certainly a museum quality piece and the nicest 730B I have ever offered for sale on Ebay. As you can see in the pictures provided the satin chrome finish is in excellent overall shape showing no pitting, scratches or scuffs. The lower pistol grip looks just as nice. The Shure badge shows very lite wear and still completely legible. States clearly that it was made in Chicago Ill. The joint mechanism works perfectly and the front & rear black silk screens are in excellent condition. The threads for the stand and cable are perfect…nothing stripped. Overall, this is a decent example of a Shure 730 microphone. I’d give this Shure mic a conservative 9 + on a physical scale of 1 – 10. MICROPHONE STAND SHOWN IS PART OF THIS SALE… The stand is a period Eastern model made in the USA. Eastern was one of many early manufacturers of mics stands. They competed with other manufacturers such as Emco, Masco and Bud before all of these disappeared being replaced by The Atlas Corp. As you can see the stand is in very nice original condition. Even the 3 felt pads are still present and look great. Total height with mic is 11 1/4 inches high x 5 1/4 inches wide. The stand is quite heavy having a cast iron base and makes a stable platform for the 730B mic making it hard to tip over. The stand will accept just about any microphone with the exception of a few Astatic mics due to their unusual 3 pin attachment. All E.V, Shure and Turner mics will screw on however. This stand has the universal 5/8 thread. Stand is a true 8 + on a scale of 1 – 10. This will make a beautiful and rare display piece anywhere in the home, studio or office. If you demand perfection this is as close as you’ll get. As with all my vintage microphones… I can promise you will be happy with it for the price paid. If not…I have a no hassle return policy. The shipping will be on you as I believe that’s fair but the purchase price would be refunded. Simply return in the same nice condition…period. Check my rating. INTERNATIONAL BUYERS are welcome as well. Buyer must pay within 24 hours or an unpaid case will be opened and item relisted. Domestic buyer will get priority shipping. If you have any questions feel free to ask and…thanks for looking.