1950s-early 60s Fender Duosonic project full-scale conversion Tokai neck + parts1950s-early 60s Fender Duosonic project full-scale conversion Tokai neck + parts

Cool Fender project I don’t have time to finish. NIce lightweight, very resonant, stripped, stained & clear-coated 50s-early 60s original Duosonic ash body, with 60’s lawsuit style Tokai neck that plays like a dream (great copy of 60’s ‘c’ shape slim profile strat neck), converted to humbuckers (guessing they’re probably Japanese lawsuit style — had this guitar assembled at one point with different neck & they sounded great!) and converted to string-through like a tele. Comes with all pieces needed for a complete guitar including aftermarket bridge and tuners (not pictured, but included) The neck is excellent, Frets have lots of life and fretboard is terrific, great feel to this neck! There’s a small flaw in the rosewood on next to last fret under ‘A’ string… still plays fine even on that rarely used position. As you probably know, these necks are among the most highly regarded versions of the original early 60s rosewood strat necks. So you get a great-playing reissue Strat style neck on a highly resonant, nicely aged deep vintage Fender body for quite an affordable price. Electronics may need a little tweaking… one pot or the switch may need a re-solder or to be sprayed out, but all is functional. No case, sorry. Will ship disassembled. Check out my other items for other vintage guitar and accessory items — selling a bunch of stuff! Bid with confidence — check out my 100% feedback on thousands of items over 20+ years on Ebay!