1975 '76 Fender Telecaster All original, original owner and OHSC1975 '76 Fender Telecaster All original, original owner and OHSC

This is my own all original vintage Fender Telecaster that I’ve owned since 1976. Frets are original with plenty of life left. All solder is untouched and never altered. I played but did not gig with so it has plenty of years left. The serial number shows ’76 but most of the parts are ’75. The original tuners are consistent with early 70’s. It has a few authentic bumps and nicks from 46 years, mostly when I was young, but has been well kept in the case and not abused. And the sound is incredible. The bridge pickup is classic Tele and this has one of the best neck pickups I’ve heard. The neck pup in Telecasters can be hit and miss and mostly miss but not this one. As you can see from the pics, the neck retains a clean fretboard and glossy back. No sanding down, pitting, scalloping or anything like that. The neck is solid, straight, the truss turns and the action is low. Nothing has ever been broken, refinished or replaced. No extra screw holes etc. I have nickel Klusons on it now but I still have the original Fender tuners it came with. The case is most likely a G&S that the store had and came with the guitar when new. During the early 80’s I traded it to a store for a hollow body Gretsch but almost immediately regretted it and bought it back a few days later (and yes for more…). For the last 30 years it has rarely been played and has stayed mostly in the case unfortunately. My family wants me to keep it but no sense if it is just sitting. Hoping it can go to a new home to be well played and appreciated. See my rating from over 20 years on ebay and buy with confidence. Please let me know if you have any questions.