Hondo Lazer GuitarHondo Lazer Guitar

These guitars were designed by Mark Erlewine and features the Erlewine patented “Wine-O-Matic” bridge and tuning system. While somewhat similar to headless Steinberger guitars with the tuning system behind the bridge, the fanned tuners on the Lazer are much easier to use. These are great little guitars, and are uncommon, if not quite rare. Mark Erlewine licensed the design to Hondo as part of the Artist & Design Series from 1983 to 1986. This guitar is one of the Hondo made guitars, According to urban legend, upon being given one of the original Erlewine guitars by Mark Erlewine, Johnny Winter fell in love with it because it “sounded like a Fender but played like a Gibson” and was so much lighter then his Firebirds. Note that these are Gibson scaled guitars. Also, all of the pictures that I have seen of Erlewine made Lazers have an angled single coil pickup near the neck in addition to the humbucker by the bridge, and a toggle switch between the volume and tone knobs. Johnny owned several of of these guitars and there is at least one youtube video of him performing Johnny B. Goode from 1984 where he is clearly using one without the neck pickup. Whether this was an Erlewine made guitar, or a Hondo made guitar, I have no idea, so make your own call. This guitar is all original except for the black knurled knob (it was on it, when I bought it). From other Lazer pictures I have seen, they should both be silver. The action is low, and smooth, with no fret rattle. The original pick-up is quite hot. The bridge/ tuner combination is top notch, (Made in Germany)and holds tuning great, with no issues. This guitar has the usual pick scuffs, and surface wear on it, but no large chips, or dings. It comes with the original hard case, which shows its age a bit, but does a good job protected the guitar.