Silvertone Bigsby Electric Guitar Model 1446 Chris Isaak 1960'sSilvertone Bigsby Electric Guitar Model 1446 Chris Isaak 1960's

for your consideration is a very nice 1960’s Silvertone 1446 model. this amazing guitar has some very hot pickups. humbuckers made by Gibson? the action is very low and plays well up and down the neck. some players wear on the first five frets but lots of life left in the frets. someone in the past has professionally painted this guitar. a very nice job.i would have liked the original paint better but you get them like you get them especially in a jewel like this. the Silvertone head stock logo is barely visible but there. this guitar is all original with no modifications. a very cool guitar indeed with lots of Mojo sound with the Bigsby and pickup combination. the tone control on the neck pickup has very little to no effect on pickup. the shoulder strap just might be original,cool strap. you can’t help but like it! no case or gig bag. will pack well for shipping. free shipping to lower 48